Top Paris Museums

Paris museums

The Louvre

It will come as no surprise that the world’s largest museum takes the number one spot. The building itself is as famous as the stunning collections it houses and was originally a fortress constructed in the 12th Century. Today its famed for displaying some of the most iconic pieces of art on the planet including DaVinci’s Mona Lisa and Alexandros of Antioch’s Venus de Milo. It’s best to visit in the evening when there a fewer people and those under 26 can go free after 6 pm on a Friday. During the winter months, the museum is free for all on the first Sunday of each month.

Paris museums

Espace Dalí

Nestled in the heart of artistic Montmartre is this small museum dedicated to the work of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali. Despite not being from France, Dali was well-known in Paris, particularly in the bohemian Montmartre. Thus it seems only fitting that you can come here and enjoy some of the surrealist’s most prestigious and famed pieces.

Dali museum

Louis Vuitton Foundation

This arts and cultural institution was opened in 2014, making it one of the newest additions to the list of top Paris museums. The building is both modern striking – designed by Frank Gehry, the architect wanted to reflect the glass buildings which compromise parts of the Grand Palais. As you might imagine, traditional or classical works are not the focus of curation here. Instead, there are fantastic works by innovative modern artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jeff Koons. There are also rotating exhibits and a range of excellent works which were commissioned specially for the museum.

Paris museums

Centre Pompidou

This vast cultural hub in the centre of Paris actually houses several institutions. The Public Information Library can be found inside the high-tech architecture building along with the more famous Musée National d’Art Moderne – the largest modern art museum in Europe. The impressive building, instantly recognisable to many, has been redesigned several times since it was first opened in the late 1960s. Today the Pompidou displays work by many of the world’s most successful modern artists. Just a few of the notable names include Andy Warhol, Dali, Jackon Pollock and David Hockney.

Paris Sewer Museum

This isn’t your typical museum but it’s fascinating none the less. You can explore the subterranean sewers of Paris and see the city from a unique perspective while learning about how a large metropolitan area deals with its waste. Go on, try something new!

Natural Museum of History

The French National History Museum, situated on the left bank of the Seine in central Paris, is a museum with a mission to serve the public which information about history and science. They are committed to exploring the work of many areas including biodiversity, populations and evolution. They also provide excellent services for those with disabilities such as people with limited mobility and deaf and blind visitors.

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