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Professional Wrestler Mike Parrow Comes Out as Gay

Professional wrestler Mike Parrow has revealed in an interview that he is gay. The sportsman admitted that he always knew he was homosexual but has tried conversion therapies in the past. He told Gay Star News ‘I’ve always known I’m gay… That was never a question in my mind.’ Parrow also admitted that he found...


A Quarter of Homeless People Identify as LGBT

Figures released on Christmas Day show that more than 10,000 LGBT people were made homeless in 2017. Out of 45,000 18-24 year-olds, data shows that over 25% of them identified as LGBT. The figures were obtained by the Liberal Democrats under a freedom of information request. However, 100 local authorities did not provide the information...


Russia Insists Gay Visitors Will Not Face Arrest at 2018 World Cup

Russian officials have said that gay fans will not face arrest if they travel to Russia for the World Cup in 2018. They also insisted that gay people would be allowed to carry the rainbow flag and hold hands, despite Russia’s draconian LGBTQ laws. Russia has a law which prevents ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships.’...