Sydney to Offer Free Marriages to Same-Sex Couples to Combat Hate

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Officials for the city of Sydney have said they will offer free weddings for same-sex couples if the country votes yes in the upcoming referendum on equal marriage. The current political debate in Australia has seen a spike in hate crimes against the LGBT community.

However, with recent polls suggesting that the country will vote in favour of gay marriage, Sydney is aiming to reunify people by offering same-sex couples a free marriage ceremony. They recently passed a motion allowing free weddings to take place in some of the city’s most iconic buildings. parks and public spaces. Sydney Town Hall will also host a mass wedding of same-sex couples – providing the referendum votes for so-called gay marriage to become legal.

A spokesperson for the local council said this this was a move to show love towards a community that had suffered hate and abuse. ‘This community has suffered significant discrimination and many have felt hurt during the campaign.’ They added ‘This is a practical way for the council to combat discrimination.’

Some senior officials and politicans have criticised the move, claiming that it is unfair on heterosexual couples. It has also been reported that anti-gay marriage campaigner have been working closely with those who orchestrsated the Brexit campign in the UK and Donald Trump’s victory in the United States.

The Austrialian Family Association said ‘This is your chance to do a Brexit, a Trump, and confound the political elites by saying, we are not going to accept gender fluid ideology and gender fluid ‘marriage’ being forced on every man, woman and child, whether they are religious of not.’





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