National Trust Backs Down Over Gay Badge Row

National Trust LGBT

The National Trust has backtracked on a policy requiring all staff to wear an LGBTQ badge and lanyard. The staff at a Nolfork stately home, Felbrigg Hall, had been requested to wear the badges as part of a wider campaign celebrating 50 years since homosexuality was abolished in the United Kingdom.

After a number of volunteers refused to wear them, they were told that they would be offered duties away from the public. They have now said that wearing the sexual equality symbols will be ‘optional’ after the matter received a great deal of public attention. A spokesperson for the National Trust said it would be business as usual.

The argument was sparked when the organisation chose to publicly declare that the former owner of the stately home was homosexual. Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer’s family said in an article that it was unfair for his sexuality to be celebrated in this way, given that he always kept his sexual orientation private before he passed away.

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