Hangover Cures from Around the World

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Heading out for a drink or two when you’re on holiday is always a great way to spend your evening. However, the next day it might not seem like such a good idea. Here are some weird and wonderful hangover cures from around the world.


Bloody Mary – USA

Though now widely consumed all across the world, the famous Bloody Mary, consisting of vodka, tomato juice, a selection of spices and lemon juice was actually invented in Paris. It’s a classic.

Pickle Juice – Poland

If you happen to find yourself hungover in Poland and given their staggering consumption vodka it’s likely that you will, then you might find yourself being offered some ‘delicious’ pickle juice the next day. The science behind this interesting choice is that while the water content rehydrates your body the salt balances out your electrolytes. Try it and let us know.

Espresso – Italy

Despite the fact that they drink espresso all the time anyway, they Italians insist that the caffeine will dilate your blood vessels and reduce your headache. Just don’t have too many or you’ll find your palpitations and hangover anxiety going through the stratosphere.

Ostrich Egg Omelette – South Africa

When you’ve had a few too many drinks the night before, eggs in the morning are a fairly standard affair. It’s no exception in South Africa, except they like to do things big and the ostrich egg they use to make their omelets are as gigantic as they are delicious.

Sauna – Russia

The sauna is the only non-foodie hangover cure to make it on to the list. The steam is said to sweat out all the toxins consumed the night before. There is no evidence to show that it actually works but there’s no questioning that it makes you feel better. Why not go for a sauna and something else on the list to give that hangover an extra kick?

Reparationsbajer – Denmark

Roughly translated as ‘repair beer’, the ethos in Denmark is just to keep on drinking. Though it’s probably not advisable to adopt this strategy long-term, we think it’s a pretty excellent way to sort out your hangover when you’re on holiday.

Coconut Water – Bangladesh

Coconut water seems to be everywhere these days but they’ve been using it as a hangover cure in Bangladesh for centuries. Not only is it hydrating but it’s packed with vitamins and minerals like magnesium that will help repair the damage which you inflicted upon yourself the night before.

Umeboshi – Japan

This small sour plum is thought to assist liver function and cleanse your body from toxins. If you like sour tasting things then this is sure to hit the spot – if it actually works or not in another question entirely.

Katerfrühstück – Germany

The marinated herrings served with pickles are regularly served for breakfast after an evening of indulgence in Germany. It’s supposed to restore electrolytes and thus ease the symptoms of a hangover. The jury is out if you ask us.

Bacon Sandwich – Britain

Being British, we might be biased but we think this is the ultimate hangover cure. Crispy bacon stacked between two pieces of buttered bread and topped with lashings of brown sauce. It’s worth getting drunk just to justify the bacon buttie the next morning.


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