Top Gay Bars in Prague

Prague gay bars

Once the centre of Bohemia, this Eastern European capital still retains its enigmatic mystical charm. This city of churches, bridges and high-quality beer is a traveller’s delight. It’s packed full of attractions, serves some of the best food on the planet and has a wonderful gay scene that will keep you more than busy for a long weekend.

The primary gay area in Prague is a little outside of the city centre, situated in a neighbourhood called Vinohrady. Located just a short walk from the old town, this is now one the trendiest districts in the city – and feels considerably more authentic than the sometimes over touristic areas around the Chain Bridge. While Prague is an incredibly developed city in many ways, its nightlife still retains a slightly old fashioned, Euro-pop vibe. It’s a lot of fun and feels less manufactured than some of the bigger gay scenes in Europe.

Prague Gay Bars

The Saints Bar is an excellent place to start your evening. The staff are super friendly and more than happy to give you some advice about where to continue your evening. They also have great daily drinks offers. If you’re looking for a place for a few drinks with your partner or a group of friends then Piano Bar is the ideal pick. They play a mix of local hits and pop music and have some board games if the feeling takes you. Dandy is a new addition to the scene which has a more upmarket feel than most of the other gay bars in Prague. They serve great cocktails and you can also get food here. Though we wouldn’t really suggest you do when Prague is full of excellent restaurants.

Klub 21 is a brick-walled basement bar that is a stalwart of the gay scene in Prague. They serve good quality larger and you can even purchase some local art.Club TerMIX is our favourite place in the whole of Prague. This bar and club is set in a basement, plays a mix of Czech tunes and international hits and is always packed with people looking for a good time. There’s even a small dark room in the back if such a thing is to your taste.




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