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How Gay Rights in Colombia Have Opened Up the Tourism Market

Over the past decade, the enhancement of gay rights in Colombia has meant that the once underground LGBT scene has come out of the shadows and is now openly visited and advertised While South America has been a burgeoning gay destination for several decades, most visitors have flocked to Brazil, Argentina and Peru. However, in...


Russia Insists Gay Visitors Will Not Face Arrest at 2018 World Cup

Russian officials have said that gay fans will not face arrest if they travel to Russia for the World Cup in 2018. They also insisted that gay people would be allowed to carry the rainbow flag and hold hands, despite Russia’s draconian LGBTQ laws. Russia has a law which prevents ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships.’...

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The Changing Face of Gay India

While a decade ago gay venues were incredibly scarce, perhaps a dozen across the country, today they are prolific, openly advertised and held without contention. There’s no question that India is one of the most frenetic and beguiling nations on earth. A melting pot of natural beauty, ancient religions, sublime foods and superb architecture. However,...