Best Gay Bars in Rio

Rio de Janeiro is everything you would expect from a Brazilian megacity: chaotic, vibrant and teeming with nightlife spots where you can party the hours away until dawn.

The geography of Rio enhances many of the best gay bars in the city, with the beaches along the Atlantic coastline providing a stunning backdrop for some of the best drinking dens and party venues. The TV Bar situated on the Copacabana beach is the ideal spot for an afternoon cocktail. This nostalgic hangout was used as the location for filming a popular television show, hence the name, and is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

Another Copacabana bar is Rainbow Kiosk. As the name suggests, it is technically a kiosk rather than a bar, but with the abundance of excellent cocktails and South American snacks right on the beach why would you want to sit inside anyway? Bar Pavão Azul is another LGBT bar and eaterie just off the beach – a little quieter but just as characterful.

Gay bars Rio

Away from the beach the largest collection of bars is centred around the Centro district – though it should be noted that this isn’t in the geographical centre of Rio. Buraco da Lacraia is a cool cabaret-style venue that hosts regular karaoke spots and has a DJ playing every night. They also have comedy shows if you want to some local entertainment. Turma OK is a casual affair which is popular with locals and is a nice place to start off your evening in the Centro district. The Seven Cruising Bar is also located here for those who want something a little frisky. You don’t need me to explain anything else about that place!

Ipanema Beach is another district where you can find a flurry of gay activity – particularly in the streets which surround the eastern promenade. Bar Asta and Farsano are nice for drinks and for food you can take the short stroll to the Zaza Bistro.

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