My Gay Globe started out with the adventures of one young man. After realising that there was a lack of information out there for gay travellers he decided to set up this website. Here at My Gay Globe, we want to provide LGBT travellers with the hints, tips and inside information to make the most out of their holidays and travel experiences. If you’re looking for the best districts to stay in, what bars to check out when you’re in town, or just looking for some activities on your trip then you’ve come to the right place.

We also think travel should be a completely individual and unique experience and love to hear from people, gay or straight, about their travel adventures. There are lots of misconceptions out there about where is safe and not safe to travel for LGBT individuals. In reality, most places are just as safe for gay and bisexual people as they are for everybody else – though sometimes it’s important to follow local laws and customs. As well as providing you with awesome inside tips we’ll also keep you up to date with safety and travel advice, as well as news which is making the headlines all around our gay globe!