A Gay Guide to Bangkok

Bangkok gay bars

Bangkok is one of the most eclectic and electric cities on the planet. With wonderful food, a fascinating cultural heritage and glorious weather, there’s a good reason it’s fast becoming the number one destination in the world.

Bangkok is the undisputed gay capital of Aisa. Most of the action centres around the northern end of Silom Road on Soi 2 and Soi 4. If you’re looking for a hotel, then we would suggest staying in this area. It’s not located close to the main attractions, such as the Grand Palace, but you can easily reach these with a cheap taxi ride or by taking the boat from the Sapan Taksin Central Pier.

If you’re looking to eat around the gay area then head for street food on Soi Convent. This street is known for its outdoor restaurants. While they might look a little basic it’s some of the best food you’ll eat in Thailand – it’s also some of the cheapest.

Gay Bangkok

Bars on Soi 4 are plentiful but the most popular are Telephone Bar and Balcony Bar which are located directly across the street from each other. The street is at its liveliest between 9 pm at 12 pm, at which point people often move onto a nearby club. Stranger Bar is another haunt on Soi 4 though it’s a little more isolated from the action. Telephone Bar also has a fun karaoke room upstairs where you can relax with friends and hit the microphone for a tune.

The two main gay clubs in Bangkok are DJ Station and GOD. DJ Station, which has a nightly ladyboy show at 11 pm, is located on Soi 2 – along with a few other smaller and more upmarket venues. GOD is a bigger club with a more traditional vibe situated in the alleyway between Soi 2 and 4.  Just off the Surawong Road, which runs parallel to Silom, is Soi Twilight. You might have heard about it. They have a variety of shows and it’s known for being the place to go to pick up a rent boy. It’s a little seedy and best avoided. There are plenty of better places to have fun that don’t exploit young Thai men.

gay Bangkok

If you’re looking for a sauna then you should head to Bangkok’s premier male relaxation spot – Babylon. As well as being a hotel there is a fantastic range of amenities including a restaurant, private cabins, a large pool and a gym. It’s always reasonably busy but peak times are in the late afternoon and evenings. It’s also a great place to relax for the day if your hotel doesn’t have pool facilities and you want to chill in the sunshine with a drink – a nice alternative to Bangkok gay bars.








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