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5 Reasons to Take an Airport Taxi

Using public transportation while travelling provides a rich insight into a city. But sometimes even the buzz of a holiday cannot usurp the anxieties of getting to the hotel when you first arrive. Here are 5 reasons you should consider taking an airport taxi.


1. Reduce the Stress

While exploring the globe is one of the most exhilarating aspects of life, heading off on foreign adventures can also be a stress-inducing experience. Particularly when you’re in a new city or heading off on a much anticipated extended trip, an airport taxi can elevate the rising anxiety which travels, sometimes, inevitably brings.

2. Travel in Style

Travelling on a budget is the best way to stretch your fiscal resources and maximize the number of places you can afford to visit. However, now and again, nothing beats the thrill of throwing caution to the wind, waving goodbye to the years of austerity and doing things in style. Taxi!

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3. Rise and Shine

It’s always worth considering how you’ll make it to the airport at 4 am in order to save £12.99 on your flight from London Stanstead to Berlin Schonefeld. In most cases booking the later flight is worth the extra dollar. However, sometimes being up with the lark is worth the saving and an airport taxi is often only the feasible, and certainly the only civilised way to reach the airport at that time.

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4. Safety in Numbers

If you’re travelling in a group of two or more, the price of an airport taxi is often cheaper than the train. This is rarely the case if you’re always flying solo but if there’s at least one other lucky fellow joining you on your trip savings are there to be made – especially if you’re thinking of using the extortionate Heathrow Express.

5. Luggage, Luggage and More Luggage

A weekend in Rome requires little more than a light overnight bag but in our travel intense and globalised world, people study, live and work abroad for extended periods of time. If you’re flying with any significant amount of luggage, don’t attempt to drag two suitcases, a rucksack, Tesco carrier bag and your sanity up the Tube stairs at Victoria Station (we’ve tried – it doesn’t end well) opt for an airport transfer instead.

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