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Uganda cancels all gay pride events

LGBT campaigners have expressed outrage at the Ugandan government’s decision to cancel an upcoming gay pride parade. Simon Lokodo, the state minister for ethics announced that an event to be held at the Sheraton Hotel in the country’s capital, Kampala, was canceled on grounds of an illegal attempt to recruit and promote homosexuality. The government

Cuba’s LGBT Revolution

Cuba was once considered one of the most regressive and closed off countries in the world, shaded from modernity by abundant plumes of cigar smoke. Today Cuba has bridged its fractious relationship with the United States and is rapidly hurtling, for better or for worse, into the twenty-first century.   Many have romanticised Cuba,  envisaging

Thai street food

Top Thai Dishes

Food is an integral part of exploring any new destination and the variety of delectable dishes on offer in Thailand certainly doesn’t disappoint. There are countless delights to sample and this is only a small, albeit essential, selection that you should try when you visit the Land of Smiles.   When it comes to eating